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Best baby and toddler swim classes

What makes our swim classes for babies and toddlers so different?  It is our whole child approach.  We understand that children can learn only when they are comfortable and we put a huge value on developing a program that pays attention to a child’s psychology.  We know all children, especially in Florida, need to learn to swim […]

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COVID-19 Procedures

Well it is May, 2020 and we should be well into our swim season in Florida, but as we are all faced with the unexpected issues that COVID-19 has brought, swim season took a back burner.  But as we know, teaching our children to swim is life saving and can only be halted for so […]

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High quality swim classes

The Importance of High Quality Swim Classes for babies and toddlers and children Swimming is an essential life skill we must all teach our children.  Other sports are great for physical activity, team building, balance, other medical benefits, but swimming will save your child’s life.  Not learning how to swim is like not knowing how […]

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