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What makes our swim classes for babies and toddlers so different?  It is our whole child approach.  We understand that children can learn only when they are comfortable and we put a huge value on developing a program that pays attention to a child’s psychology.  We know all children, especially in Florida, need to learn to swim as it could one day save their lives, or someone else, so making sure we create the best environment for these kids is our top priority.  Let’s start with our facility!  Water Town swim owner has been conducting swim classes for nearly 20 years and now Pinellas County Florida baby swim classes just got a whole lot better!  Located in the South Pasadena, Gulfport area, our outdoor facility offers a fun sun shelf to gently welcome little ones into the water and a deep end to help start diving skills as they progress.  How many hours have your kids spent inside in the last few months?  We know being outside is healthy for our mental well being and being surrounded by nature just feels so much better.  There is a large tree that covers the pool so depending on your baby swim classes schedule, you may have no need for sunblock!  We also use a salt water pool to minimize chemical use so your Mommy and Me classes Florida will be all that more special!

Many swimming schools for kids Florida often have teenagers with limited childcare experience and limited teaching experience instructing the swim classes for babies and toddlers.  As a mother, educator and professional swim instructor, Water Town’s owner, Maria Solanki, makes sure that mommy and me classes Florida instructors go through a vigorous training that requires college credit or similar work experience. Pinellas County Florida baby swim classes often have 10 kids to a class!

While it is so much fun to have group classes, 10 kids for mommy and me classes is way too much.  Private classes may seem convenient if you are looking for South Pasadena swim classes or Gulfport swim classes, but kids do enjoy being with other children and making new friends in mommy and me classes Florida is also great for moms (and let’s not forget about dads, we have tons of dads that LOVE to participate in their child’s swimming school for kids Florida).  So how to get over the convenience of having a private teacher come to your house?  Well simple!  If Water Town is your neighborhood, then don’t search for South Pasadena swim classes in Seminole and don’t search for Gulfport swim classes in St. Pete!  Save the commute, just stay a few minutes away to make things easier for you and you will see your mommy and me classes Florida (daddy and me) will become a memory to last forever.  We are happy to be in Pinellas County Florida now and to provide you with the best swim classes for babies and toddlers.  We know your baby swim classes have never been so enjoyable!

Enroll today and see why we are leading the way as a premiere ;09 school for kids Florida.

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